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Do you want to produce your own balsamic vinegar? Buy your barrels!

Well, yes. The word “acetaia” does not exist. It does not exist at least in the majority of Italian-language dictionaries. But it is really clear in the collective imagination of every citizen of Modena. And what do we mean by the term “acetaia“? We mean the room under the roof, an attic in the poor sense of the world, where one or more array of barrels create the magic of the Balsamic Vinegar.

What do you need in order to initiate and conduct your own array of barrels?

1) Well, first of all the barrels! An array of barrels consists in a series of barrels of different woods and size, in the minimum number of three, because there are three stages of processing of the cooked must in balsamic vinegar.
2) The climate. Large variations in temperature, cold winters, hot summers. These are the ideal climatic conditions for the balsamic vinegar aging, typical of Modena and Reggio Emilia.
3) The attic, the most suitable premises for the barrels.
4) Cooked must of Trebbiano grapes (or other typical local grapes): the unfermented must is the result of the pressing of the grapes, which normally is the first step to winemaking. For the balsamic vinegar production, however, within 24 hours after the crushing process, the fermentation is interrupted through the cooking of the must in a copper vat at the open sky.
5) Time and patience: oh yes, these are the only balsamic vinegar ingredients, in addition to the already listed cooked must!

This is more or less everything. And, as you might expect, oftem a balsamic lover can live in a place with an unsuitable climate, or he could not have the right space, or do not find time to follow its barrels in the right way.

And Balsamico Bonini can give you the answer you need!

Want to purchase an array of barrels of balsamic vinegar but you do not know who to turn to? You do not have enough space? You do not enough time?

Balsamico Bonini offers you an array of 5 barrels, already aged and containing a condiment matured between 8 and 10 years, that from the first year can be taken for domestic use.
The array of barrels is organized as follows:
– A chestnut barrels of 50 liters;
– An oak barrel for 40 liters;
– A cherry barrel 30 liters;
– An acacia barrel 20 liters;
– An oak barrel for 10 liters.

Also, if you like, we will host your barrels in our vinegar, we’ll buy for you the new cooked must every year, and we’ll make available every year YOUR balsamic vinegar! Finally, Balsamico Bonini offers you the branding of the barrels with your initials and 2 nights every year in our Farm to closely follow your “Balsamic affair“!

Want to know more? Contact us for more information and do yourself a gift that will last for generations.