Lingua: Italiano

Enter with us in the cascina of Balsamico Bonini

Finally we got it!

The cascina of Balsamico Bonini (our new headquarter) officially opened its doors.
Let yourself be taken by the hand come with us in a little world of tradition and style, a journey to discover the Emilian excellence. Starting, of course, by Balsamico Bonini.

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, sure. But also contemporary art. And four en-suite bedrooms that promise to pamper you to the fullest.

Here you can admire works of Ludmilla Radchenko, Erika Calesini and Angela Occhipinti and find a little escape and discover the excellence of this territory, from Balsamic vinegar to Parmigiano Reggiano, from Modena Ham to Lambrusco DOP.

And this is precisely the aim of the cascina of Balsamico Bonini: be a place to discover the beautiful and the good, inside and outside its walls. So, waiting to find out if you come and visit us for the taste, for the art or for fast cars (ever heard of Motor Valley?) we think it is better to let the pictures speak.