Lingua: Italiano

Scrembled Eggs

di nonna Claudia

Frittata di nonna Claudia


Prepare a mince of salt (sea salt or kosher salt with big pieces) , rosemary, one garlic clove, a bit of sage and basil.  Add 10 eggs and whip them well.  On the side, brown in a pan a good amount of onion slices  in oil, then separate them from the oil, add them to your egg mix  and continue to mix all.  Bring  a good  heat to the oil  that was used to brown the onions and add the egg mixture, taking caution that the mix will cook very quickly.  Cook on both sides evenly.  Serve the omelette/frittata  sliced like a pizza  and sprinkled with a spoonful of Balsamic on every portion.