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GustiAMo POP Exhibition, the temporary exhibition of Ludmilla Radchenko

Legge commestibile (100x100)

“La Cascina di Balsamico Bonini” is not only the place where we produce your favourite Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena- more, but even a place at the service of the art.

Until the end of November we will have the honour to host “GustiAMo POP Exhibition”, a temporary exhibition of presenting paintings made by Ludmilla Radchenko.

The artist was born in Omsk, Siberia on 11 november 1978, where in 1999 awards a degree in Fashion Design. In the same year she moves to Italy to work as a model, show-girl and actress.In 2009 she chooses to pursue her greatest passion: painting. Instinctive and vital, her loud voice art, dressed with real life drives her toward PopRealism.

Come to visit the temporary exhibition, to know more about her pop art and, if you want, buy one of the paintings.

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