Lingua: Italiano

Omelette Rolls

with Balsamic

Involtini di Frittata al Balsamico


Chop an onion and brown it in ollive oil.

When it is golden take it of the  gas and let  it cool.

In  a bowl scramble the eggs with salt, pepper a full tablespoon of  grated Parmesan Reggiano  cheese and , at the last, the onions that were previously browned.  Pour this mix in small portions into a fry pan ( better if is is non-stick, otherwise use a bit of butter to coat the bottom of the pan), making small discs  of about 10/15 cm in diameter.

Cook well on both sides.  Roll the omelette onto itself to form  individual rolls and place on a plate previously splashed/sprayed with a couple of teaspoons of Balsamic.