Lingua: Italiano

Parma prosciutto wrapped scallop

Parma prosciutto wrapped scallop, with orange scented butternut squash puree, asparagus, Condimento Balsamico Bonini

• Braise butternut squash with butter until it will fall apart
• Add orange juice and zest
• Whisk to obtain creamy and homogeneous texture
• Add salt as needed and keep warm
• Blanch asparagus in water for 30 sec and chill them
• Sauté shallots and asparagus, add salt as needed
• Wrap scallop with slices of Parma prosciutto
• Sear them on the flat grill and cook them perfectly

• Pour butternut squash puree’ on the bottom of the plate
• Arrange scallops and asparagus on top
• Drizzle around with Condimento Balsamico
• Decorate with chervil leaves

Ingredients for 1 person

• 4 Scallops
• 4 slices of Prosciutto di Parma
Butternut squash pure’
• 3.5 oz butternut squash , skin off and diced
• .7 oz butter
• .5 fl oz orange juice, squeezed
• Orange zest, grated
• 6 asparagus
• .5 oz shallots, julienned and stewed
• Extra virgin olive oil
• chervil
• Condimento Balsamico Bonini 12 anni