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Andrea Berton

Andrea Berton
  • Andrea Berton

Andrea Berton became Executive Chef of the Marchesi group after having done hard labour in the prestigious Enoteca Pinchiorri ,  arriving  along  side of Carlo Cracco and Alain Ducasse.  With the master chef  Gualtiero Marchesi,  who  guided  his first steps in Haute Cuisine,  he shares, above the passion for the balance and the simplicity of the flavours, a prestigious record: they are the only two Italians to claim 2 Michelin stars. In 2005 he chose to help Trussardi in the ambitious project that would become Trussardi at the Scala di Milano, of which he has been Director and  Chef from 2006 to 2012.

In 2012 decides to dedicate himself to the consulting in the positioning, design and development of quality restaurants projects. In September 2012, together with a group of partners, opens Pisacco Restaurant and Bar, and, in July 2013, DRY Cocktail&Pizza.

The return to “his” kitchen takes place with the opening of the Restaurant Berton where the Chef presents “modern dishes” enhancing the basic ingredients and featuring some ingredients that are not well known.

Ristorante – Berton