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Ettore Bocchia

  • Ettore Bocchia
    Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni

Born in  1965 in  S. Secondo, a province of Parma,  he graduated  from the Professional Hotel Institute of Salsomaggiore Terme in !983, with 5 years of cuisine and kitchen experience  behind him. Now , for some time, he is considered one of the most interesting  chefs  of the  Italian restaurant business and he pretends always the best of himself. Already in  2004 the Corriere della Sera published a joint interview of Ettore Bocchia – Gualtiero Marchesi  comparing the great innovator of yesterday with the important innovator of today.
An eclectic who unites  the love  of the traditional cooking to the desire of knowledge and experience. A demanding man, he has always worked to refine techniques and  methods that enable him to go to the essence and exaltation of maximum flavor   without  ever losing sight of the  genuineness.
As a  connoisseur of the products of our territory and great defender of micro-reality of excellence, he contributes  with his professionalism to facilitate continuous improvement,  but economically sustainable , of  prime Italian materials.
For his research he also confronted techniques and preparations  of the gastronomic  Asian culture, and , in particular ,  the  Chinese and  Japanese cultures. He also dedicated himself to studying the physics of matter, to understand with a scientific base what happens during the cooking process, the chilling process and the mixing of ingredients.  This study gave him new tools for his creativity and an always a higher mastery with the elaboration of his dishes. In 1992 he entered the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, where is hard work and professionalism were recognized by the owner. From this was born a relationship of respect and  mutual trust which was essential for the creation of their  “unique”  culinary  offers that critics, restaurant guides and, above all the loyal clients,  appreciate.
In 2006 began his collaboration with Costa Crociere,  European leader of the cruise sector, to manage  a restaurant of one of the new ships.  His gifts not only include being a creator, but also as a manager,  therefore in a short amount of time  he was asked to make the menus to all the gourmet restaurants for the entire fleet of Costa.
This rise became crowned in 2008 with the creation  of the title and post   as  Research and Development  of Catering  on board.  This great group saw in   him a person  capable to give an important contribution in the improvement of their dishes, of the organization and lay-out of the kitchen  and the procurement of the prime materials.

Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni