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Francesco Apreda

Francesco Apreda
  • Francesco Apreda
    Hotel Hassler, Imago

Born in Naples in 1974, Francesco Apreda discovered at the age of 14 his true passion: patisserie. Soon after, he started rounding out his expertise and learning how to live in a professional kitchen. He earned a diploma in Hospitality and a Chef qualification, worked at several Italian restaurants and joined the staff of the Hassler Hotel at Trinità dei Monti in Rome at 19. To further his professional growth, he moved to London and immersed himself in its gastronomic culture.
During his important London years, Francesco met again a friend from their school years, Maurizio Morelli, a well-known Italian chef in London. From Maurizio he learned a new way to think about cooking: a creative cuisine with a strong basis in traditional techniques.
Francesco’s next move was to Tokyo, where he became head Chef at the Cicerone, the Imperial Hotel’s Italian restaurant, opened in collaboration with the Hassler in Rome. In 2003 he moved back to Rome to take up the Executive Chef role at the Hassler’s restaurant. He earned a Michelin star in 2009.

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