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Born from the desire to create a lively place to live, a place in where it’s possible to discover the history, the tradition, the art and the taste, the Cascina of Balsamico Bonini can offer an unique experience.
The will to share and discover the Balsamic Vinegar culture has led us to create activities created for groups of colleagues or special customers with the aim to improve the harmony and working relationships. The taste is certainly the main theme but with different points of view.

Traditional recipes with Cindy Swain
Cindy Swain is an American food blogger that in 2009 has moved in Emilia to make the most of her food&wine passion. Her Italicana Kitchen with Cindy Swain is a bilingual blog that mixes the Italian culture and the American’s one. The aim? Inspire people and let them try to cook. In addition to the courses dedicated to Italian people we thought to a format dedicated to foreign guests in which Cindy can teach them the traditional recipes by using the Balsamico Bonini.
The activity is available in English and Italian.

The activity includes:
– Visit of the Acetaia (barrels room)
– Typic aperitif with Lambrusco, Parmigiano Reggiano and Balsamic Vinegar
– Explanation and preparation of one or two seasonal recipes (in English and/or Italian)
– Meal based on what guests cook, with wine pairing
– Number of participants: from 8 to 15*

€ 90,00 + vat per person*
Upon request is possibile to add the exclusive use of the entire Cascina (max. 8 beds)

Balsamic X-perience
Thanks to this modular experience – developed in one or two days – created in partnership with Stefano Caffarri, Director of special initiatives of the Cucchiaio d’Argento, it will be possible to discover the taste of the Emilian’s tradition and to live a unique experience.

The activity includes:
– up to 3 meals, one of them in a local top-level restaurant with wine pairings
– tour of a Company of excellence of our territory
– certificate and small gift from the publishing company
– overnight stay in the Cascina (up to 8 beds)

Quoted upon request

Novecento’s Thursdays
The partnership with the Osteria Novecento based in Manaro sul Panaro (MO) give us the possibility to organize exclusive lunches – or dinners with overnight stay – thanks to which is possible to discover the Modenese land and their tastes.

The Cascina di Balsamico Bonini proposal:
Fruits and vegetables salad with Parmesan and Balsamic Vinegar chips
Salami and figs with basil goat cheese cream
Wine pairing: Lambrusco Fontana dei Boschi – Vittorio Graziano (Castelvetro – MO)

Tortellaccio (filled pasta) with local cows ricotta and spinach, inside and outside
Wine pairing: Lambrusco di Modena Spumante Brut Traditional Method – Cantina della Volta (Bomporto – MO)

Italian Holstein Friesian fillet with bacon
Wine pairing: Sassoscuro, Malbo Gentile and other local grapes – Vittorio Graziano (Castelvetro – MO)

Balsamic vinegar semifreddo dessert

Italian Moka coffee

Nocino (walnut liqueur) Order of the Modena Nocino

The package includes food, wine, up to a maximum of 14 people

€ 90,00 + vat per person, minimum 8 persons*
Upon request is possibile to add the exclusive use of the entire Cascina (max. 8 beds)

*Price quotes for smaller groups are available upon request