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A bit of history

storiaTraditional Balsamic Vinegar is a typical  product from the area of Modena, Italy: it is the result of a slow acidification of cooked must, proceeds of the typical grapes of the area. This is not a product to be confuse with the common balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP, which is  made of  a base of wine vinegar, adding a bit of must and, sometimes, caramel or caramel colouring . This unique nectar has its roots in the time of the Antique Romans, the Cooked Must, Virgilio spoke of it in the Georgiche  and in  the middle ages was considered a great luxury.

The term “Balsamic” was introduced  in ‘700 when  this nectar was attributed with important curing  properties, so much so that people would use it to cure the wounds caused by the plague or to get ride of migraine headaches. Lucrezia Borgia used it during  childbirth and Gioacchino Rossini for scurvy. Our grandparents used balsamic. Still today,  it is used  as a digestive at the end of the meal.

With the strength of a history of over thousands of years today, as long ago, balsamic is considered by the experts as a unique touch to give that really special flavour to a meal; first course, main course, fruit  or to a simple ice cream.